Grading & encapsulate

We offer you the following service with grading & encapsulation.

Grading: Upon arrival, we will examine your cards carefully to see if they match the list. Once everything is in line, we start grading. We cannot of course explain all the steps to you in detail (professional secrecy), but we would like to take you on a little journey into our working world. In this way you can get a little impression of what your card has to go through with us before it is evaluated and encapsulated. Our delivery time, is about 6 weeks (from package receipt) depending on the workload, but there may be longer waiting times.

  • Pick up cards from our post office
  • Open the package and compare the contents with your list (if something is wrong here, we will contact you)
  • If everything fits, your cards will be carefully removed from the toploader / sleeves
  • Now your cards (max. 5 pieces) are placed on our special mat (this is extremely soft and does not scratch).
  • Special gloves are always worn during work so that we do not damage your card.
  • Now the cards are superficially checked with UV light, this has the advantage that any foreign bodies (dust, fingerprints, lint and dirt) can be recognized immediately.
  • Attention, if your card is too dirty, this can have a major impact on our grading. We don’t clean cards.
  • Now the card is measured (centering and corners) with our high-tech microscope and checked for authenticity. Since we have a zoom of up to 200 times with our microscope, we can recognize the printing of the card and can only see with this image whether your card is genuine. Most forgers cannot reprint this print like this. Which places we look exactly depends on the trading card and our professional secrecy.
  • With magnifying glasses (with different magnifications) your card is now checked piece by piece (surface and edges)
  • Upon completion, your card will be compared with our grading scale and the card will be rated.
  • If you also order a short report (CHF 1.50 per card), you can see exactly why your card turned out to be a 9.5 and not a 10, for example.
  • Your card is now recorded in the system and the label is created at the same time.
  • Finally we come to marriage. Here your card and the label are carefully placed in our special Swiss made case and sealed forever.
  • Attention, the card can only be removed by damaging the case!


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